Why do the French authorities want birth certificates less than three months old?

Most foreigners living in France are asked at some stage to deliver a full birth certificate that is less than 3 months old. Why three months? If you’ve even seen a French birth certificate of someone who has been married, you will understand why. French birth certificates are “annotés” which means that any change in […]

Exchanging an Australian driver licence for a French licence

A driver licence issued by a country outside the European Union is only recognised for one year once the person acquires “normal residence” in France, normal residence being defined as the place in which you live for at least six months (185 days) a year due to professional or personal attachments. If you are a […]

Buying property in France #1 – Finding your dream home

Even when you speak the language and have lived your whole life in a country, buying a property can be stressful and challenging. Doing so in a foreign country makes it a little more complicated. I have lived in France for over 40 years and have been directly or indirectly involved in the sale or […]

How much does a certified/sworn translation cost in France?

Before I answer the question, a little terminology. Although many people say “sworn translation” and “traduction assementée”, the correct terms are “certified translation” and “traduction certifiée”. It’s the translator who is sworn or assermenté by the court, not the translation. First, what exactly is a sworn translator (traducteur assermenté)? In France, a sworn translator or […]