Certified translation

To be legally valid in France, the translation of administrative and other official documents must be certified by a translator sworn in by a court of appeal or the court of cassation.

You may require such documents for administrative purposes, visa applications, calls for tender, setting up a company, etc.

Translators are certified for a specific language, in both directions.

I am authorised to translate all official documents from French to English and English to French:

• Birth certificates

• Diplomas

• Marriage certificates

• Contracts

• Divorce decrees

• Certificates of legal capacity to marry

• Police records

• Death certificates

• Drivers licences

• Bank statements

• Academic transcripts

• Adoption documents

• Registration documents

• Insurance  certificates

• Passports/identity documents

  • All paperwork for buying and selling property including power of attorney

• Official documents in general


Translations required for certain calls for tender and administrative procedures may require legalisation by a Chamber of Commerce, the ministry of foreign affairs, etc. 

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